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Zombie game!

2010-02-18 10:58:11 by cicla

Hey check out my latest game, is about zombies, monsters and freaks! i hope you like it, here goes the Features:

-28 levels. Plus 2 hiden bonus levels.
-8 different weapons.
-over 40 upgades (Weapon Upgrades, Fortress Upgrades)
-16 different enemies.
-More than 30 achievements.
- 5 hiden cheats!
-and much more.

have look

i hope you like it!

Zombie game!


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2010-02-18 14:21:25


cicla responds:

yeah :D


2010-02-18 15:48:13

A few bugs(lag) but very addicting game.. good work!
looking forward to a #2

cicla responds:

wich bugs?


2010-10-09 02:42:06

I know the bonuses! But i'm not telling ;) This game is epic i'm not even gonna describe this as cool...
ITS EPIC! But what up with the ones with the spike balls? (spoiler) You just use fire or acid and melt them. Please make that harder :)


2012-04-12 23:09:37

Letting you know that you're game Mr. Schyco does not have medals if u didnt already, it says that I earned them in the game screen, but don't show up in the page can you do something about it it's quite annoying thanks.