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2007-07-17 21:14:12 by cicla

to everyone who enjoy unreal flash 1 im glad to led you know that unreal flash 2 is already being development and will be out very soon. IF you have any suggestions i would be very glad to hear them here!


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2007-07-18 00:42:30

I suggest you make the game good :)

cicla responds:

heheheheeh thanks man the first one was good too though :P


2007-07-26 04:03:18

dude the first game was awsome and i love the head shots, cant wait till #2 comes out. will it have multiplayer?

cicla responds:

no man we would love to but now we cant afford it.


2007-09-15 19:52:58

My suggestion was online mlultiplayer, but I noticed you can't afford it, well I gotta tell ya, I loved the first Ureal Flash (also note the mistake on your post you didn't capatalize the 'U" or the "F" for Unreal Flash) and my sugestions would be it needs some Melee Attacks like Halo and a better vicotry cutscene when you win wouldn't hurt. I'd also like another type of shotgun rather than just one, how about a SPAS 12 or a Mossberg?

Well thoose are my sguestions, I hope they were helful.


cicla responds:

cool, yeah we will have something close to what you are saying ;)


2007-10-11 19:42:07

WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Unreal Flash 2 rulez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2007-10-20 15:52:25

Arrival in hell, was amazing.


2007-10-22 18:40:45

is unreal flash 2 the sequel to unreal flash 2007 or is it u.f.2007?

cicla responds:

unreal flash 2007 is the sequel to unreal flash.


2007-11-23 13:04:09

Suggestions? ONLINE MODE.

The it would be the fucking. best. flash. evar.

The first one was brilliant, but online mode, hohoho.


2007-12-20 20:43:27

Need some music? :D


2008-02-21 21:26:14

glad to hear about this. I've always loved using acrobatic type moves in games. you know, bouncing off of walls and jumps that look cool and don't do much else. I'd also like to see more complex levels. triggers, hazards, teleportation, elevators and all that crap.

also, I'm hoping that you can find a way to fit in more weapons, but on behalf of everyone who plays these on laptops, don't use the numpad.


2008-02-23 23:36:06

you should have the lancer assault rifle from gears of war


2008-02-29 18:25:06

can you and corky make a streets of vallehala 2 ( sorry forgot how the title is spelled)?


2008-06-17 03:43:41



2008-06-17 19:13:57

More Unreal Flash action?Awesome!!


2008-06-20 12:39:30

of possible, make it online; everyone said that unreal flash would be legendary if online and plz dont make most guna crappy again (no offence) :(


2008-06-30 02:57:31

I would like more weapon spawns and a certain weapon you can choose to spawn with.


2008-07-05 01:08:40

are you gonna make arcane 2?


2008-07-17 17:14:39

Ya um, faster movement and when you get sticky bombed and you "tag along" w/ someone else it should count for the person not killed


2008-09-26 11:38:17

Cool, but what about Arcane 2?