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Zombie game!

2010-02-18 10:58:11 by cicla

Hey check out my latest game, is about zombies, monsters and freaks! i hope you like it, here goes the Features:

-28 levels. Plus 2 hiden bonus levels.
-8 different weapons.
-over 40 upgades (Weapon Upgrades, Fortress Upgrades)
-16 different enemies.
-More than 30 achievements.
- 5 hiden cheats!
-and much more.

have look

i hope you like it!

Zombie game!

Hey play my Sniper game!

2009-08-20 11:43:46 by cicla

hey this is my latest game Target Barbarossa. You take on the role of a Russian sniper who fights to keep the freedom and glory of his country during the German's Operation Barbarossa of 1941. Is based on real events and i even made a research on wikipedia before making this game :P

This sniper game have real people (not stick figures) so you can shot then in more places and even play with your target before kill it!

i bet you will enjoy it a lot.

this is the second game i program by myself and i can say it was a big step forward for me. This one has almost 0 bugs, got a better score and was easier to make for me than my first one.

i hope you like it and i expect feed backs from you guys!

Hey play my Sniper game!

My latest game, Burn Stuff And die!

2009-07-21 23:58:21 by cicla

Hey here is my latest game:

Play, Burn stuff and die!!

The game is simple. You burn stuff. You die. What else could you want?

Burn everything, chairs, desk, tires, pigs, gas tanks all stuff! if you die? it doesnt matter is just part of the fun!!

My latest game, Burn Stuff And die!

My xmas game

2008-12-27 10:29:07 by cicla

hey this is my last game of the year and my submission for this 2008 christmas.


I made all the graphics and animations in just one week (and without a table) i just saw Tom was giving out tables, but for some reason i didnt dared to ask... maybe the next year ;P

anyways, play the game and enjoy it!

Merry Christmas and have a happy new year!

My xmas game


2008-10-20 15:05:30 by cicla

Hi newgrounders i just want to show you this cool online games i have been working on lately... i worked on bouth at the same time :D i hope you like then, any feed backs are welcome.

Sneaky Tanks

did you like the tanks? wich one was your favourite? do you notice i used the same style for final defense ;)!

and here is the other:

World War Flash

here i did the dress of the guy and the menus.

what you think about the art? do you like the menus? what you think could improve this game?

enjoy it :D!



2007-07-17 21:14:12 by cicla

to everyone who enjoy unreal flash 1 im glad to led you know that unreal flash 2 is already being development and will be out very soon. IF you have any suggestions i would be very glad to hear them here!